Wifi in Vehicle

Provide uninterrupted, fast and secure internet service to your passengers.

Gain competitive advantage with Telista's 'WiFi in Vehicle' solutions designed for all types of public transportation vehicles (bus, train, tram).

| Benefits

    Improve passenger experience

    Give your passengers dynamic information about their journey, such as departure or arrival times, road and weather conditions. Keep them connected to loved ones, co-workers, home or work while on the go.

    Analyze passenger behavior

    Increase your service quality and income by analyzing passenger behaviours. Capture the time passengers arrive at the vehicle, where they go at the rest/transfer stations, and how much time they spend there.

    Marketing channel

    Your passengers will use their email address to log in. So, you can send them emails about your campaigns if they opt-in. Let them send their wishes and requests from the captive portal. Let them participate in your passenger satisfaction survey.

| Specifications

    Custom login page

    When your passengers want to access the internet with their own devices (smartphone, tablet or laptop), they are greeted with a login page designed for your company. Passengers who read and approve the terms of use to be determined by your business are allowed to access the internet.


    In your existing ticket sales automation, create a wifi username and password for each passenger that they can only use during their travel. Let your passenger benefit from your internet service in the vehicle by entering the user information on the ticket.


    You can restrict the mobile internet bandwidth, amount of data, usage time and sites that can be visited in the vehicle. For example, you can define a maximum of 500MB per day per passenger.

| System Architecture