Passenger Information System

Play videos that entertain and inform your passengers. Earn income from ads.

Stream dynamic information and content to enhance your communication with your passengers. Build trust by providing up-to-date and accurate information.

| Benefits

    Share dynamic and real-time information

    Let passengers access to real-time information about their journey while in the vehicle. Provide your passengers with a planned, safe and enjoyable travel experience. Let passengers see the estimated time of arrival at the stops, transfer options to other routes at the destination stop, the path traveled and to be taken on the route, traffic, weather conditions, possible delays and more.

    Create an additional revenue stream to your business

    Let your passengers watch interesting, entertaining, informative short videos, news updates and advertisement videos on the screens in the vehicle. Earn revenue from these ads, which can vary based on the vehicle's route, date, time or geographic location.

    Increase safety

    Display live footage from in-vehicle security cameras on the screens. Prevent incidents such as vandalism, theft, and attack that you do not want to happen in the vehicle.

| Specifications

    Easy to use content management

    Upload the content to be played in the central content management system. Create playlists. Specify the content to be played based on route, date, time, vehicle location.

    Targeted advertising

    Earn income by playing advertisements or service announcements. Play content suitable for advertisers' target audience. Design screen layouts to display the ad and travel information together.

    Rich and dynamic content

    Weather updates / Upcoming stop or transfer point information / Embeded web content / Social media screens / Dynamic map / Event calendar / Clock / Dynamic route information / Scrolling text / In-car camera images / News and alerts / Current financial information