Cameras in Vehicle

Install cameras in the vehicle for the safety of passengers and driver.

Monitor what's going on in and around your vehicles carrying cargo or passengers on roads and railways remotely with Telista's 'Cameras in-Vehicle' solution. Check out our industry-standard mobile routers, cameras, displays, recorders and software specifically designed for use in vehicles.

| Benefits

    Prevent adverse events

    Those who see that images are being recorded by the cameras will refrain from engaging in undesirable behaviors such as vandalism, theft and assault. Give an accurate, fast and effective response based on record or live images in the event of complaint that will occur despite the precautions you have taken.

    Don't be deceived

    Manage your recordings stored in the large storage area created in the router. Archive them periodically to your storage areas on cloud or in your own data center. Protect your business from insurance fraud, false claims and conflicting reports.

    Check the driving safety

    Prevent inappropriate driver behaviors such as using a mobile phone while driving, drowsy driving, which will put the life of everyone in the vehicle at risk.

| Specifications

    Comply with industry standards

    All NetBox NB2000 series routers used in roadway vehicles are 'CE' (RED) compliant and automotive types have 'UN ECE R10' and 'UN ECE R118' certificates. All NetBox NB3000 series routers used for railway vehicles are 'CE' (RED) compliant and rail vehicle types have 'EN 50155' and 'EN 45545' certificates. Also, the NB300 series is 'ITxPT' compatible.

    Supports the latest technologies

    It supports LTE, UMTS and GSM technologies for mobile network connections, and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac technologies to create a wireless network (WiFi, WLAN) in the vehicle. It supports BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS and GPS/QZSS technologies for geolocation (GNSS).

    Large recording storage

    Recorded video footage can be copied to the solid state hard drives (Solid-State-Disk, 'SSD') in the NetBox router with 256GB, 512GB or 1TB capacity. The video recordings stored in the router can be transferred to the archiving system in your own data center or in the cloud over the WiFi access at your vehicle depot.

| System Architecture