Manageable Switches for Railway Vehicles

Connect in-vehicle wireless access points, CCTV cameras, and passenger information system components to the Gigabit backbone with ES3300 series of manageable switches which designed for railways that EN50155, EN45545-2 and ITxPT certified. All models have a total of 10 Ethernet ports, 8 Fast Ethernet and 2 Gigabit Ethernet. With its integrated PoE power supply model, you can supply up to 62W at 24 VDC to 8 Fast Ethernet ports. It has Layer 2 management functionality to create networks that support network segmentation and redundant ring topology. They can also be used for automatic IP address configuration. In addition, the device can be configured via a USB flash drive. It is in a metal enclosure with IP54 protection class. It is also resistant to high vibration and mechanical impacts thanks to M12 connectors.