About us

Telista Information and Communications Technologies Ind. and Trade. Inc. ('Telista') was founded in 2004 by our General Manager, Mr. Yetkin POLAT (Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer). By the year 2021, we had more than 2000 corporate customers in Turkey. We offer information technology ('IT') solutions in the areas of voice, video and data communications. We gained a strong reputation with our quality support services. As a trusted consultant, we help our customers leverage modern information technologies.

We develop business-specific, internet of things 'IoT' solutions that will increase the productivity of our customers by providing hardware, software and professional services. We create network connections that enable our customers to establish fast, secure and uninterrupted data communication with their distant assets. We provide data flow between the database we will create in your own data center or in the cloud and the machines in your industrial facilities or the vehicles in your fleet.

Why choose Telista?

Solutions that meet today's requirements and are ready for the future

Our solutions are long-lasting, operating cost-reducing systems that not only meet our customers' needs today, but also allow upgrades to meet their future needs.

All technology solutions from one source

We offer a solution portfolio that includes passenger information system, WIFI for passengers, in-vehicle video security and voice communication systems for businesses that manufacture vehicles used in public transportation and provide public transportation services using these vehicles.

Experienced and professional

Since 2004, we have delivered projects for more than 2000 businesses. We provide fast, effective and high-quality service in all processes, from proposal to proof of concept, from shipment to assembly, from acceptance to after-sales technical support.

Trusted Advisor

The complexity of new options emerging with technological advances is increasing day by day. We work as a trusted advisor to our customers, answering their needs and helping them monitor and implement technological developments. We develop integrated public transport technology solutions to increase intelligence, safety and efficiency in public transport operations.


We take care that the components in our solutions are of high quality, durable, low cost and easy to use. Our product portfolio includes only proven products.

Technology Partners

  • NetModule

    NetBox wireless routers are manufactured in Switzerland by NetModule. Product distribution in Turkey, 2009 to the present day, is done by Telista. NetModule is the leading mobile data communications hardware manufacturer for M2M and IoT applications. Since 1998, NetModule produces solutions for transportation and industrial internet areas. NetModule focuses on markets such as smart city, public safety, sustainable energy and resource management. NetBox wireless router devices are supporting 4.5G and 5G networks for applications where uninterrupted, secure and fast mobile communication is required such as information systems in the vehicle, driver communication, WiFi for passengers, remote maintenance, status monitoring and real-time data exchange.

Solution Partners

  • Lima

    Lima Industrial Computer was established in 1995 to produce and distribute industrial informatics, communication and automation solutions. It is the first company established in Turkey with a focus on Industrial Computers. We supply computers and screens designed for use inside the vehicle from Lima Computer. Lima takes role as a contractor in the leading companies which are producing rail systems in Turkey.

  • Shn

    Providing value-added solutions for enterprise communication solutions and weak current security technologies more than 30 years. SHN Technology manages consultancy, project design, product selection and integrated system processes with its expert certified teams. They help us with their professional services for installation, maintenance and repair activities.


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